• Mid-Century Dining Table W/3 Leaves


    Unique mid-century dining table with 3 12" Leaves. The label under the table says it was restored in 1980 in New Jersey. This table was taken out of an estate in Warren NJ. Beautiful details and simple lines make this table fit right into the current design aesthetics. You can use 1 leaf to make the table 77" long, 2 leaves for 89" and 3 for 101". The top has a inlaid detail of a darker strip around the perimeter. The leaves do not have this inlay. The table apron has a small rosette detail around the perimeter. The leaves do not have this detail. The tops design of the straight sides and the curved ends make a more comfortable sitting arrangement for the people sitting at the sides with no rounding as in an oval table. A wire under the table allows the table to be opened easily from one side without having to get under the table to release a lock. Picture 9 and 12 show what the table looks like with one leaf in. The finish is original to the 1980 restoration. less

    Dimensions: 65ʺW × 42ʺD × 29.25ʺH

    Condition: Very Good Condition, Original Design Modified, No Imperfections